Built on top of torrent protocol, this new utility will give you a chance to update the game without having to go to any download sites.

Much like comparable proprietary game update systems (Battle.net, League of Legends...), using torrent protocol means that the updater will piggy-back on additional upload capacity of people downloading the update to serve chunks of data to other people also grabbing the update at the same time.

We won't have to serve tera-bytes of data each day any more just providing game update downloads, you won't need to worry about clicking a wrong link on a 3rd party mirror site.

The updater is intended to be used with the non-Steam version of the game.

ETS2 updater

Installation instructions

  • Download the updater here.
  • Move the updater to the folder where your game is installed.
  • Launch online_updater.exe and click on Continue.