Conversion tools


Conversion tools are set of binaries used to convert mid-format files to binary format files which are used by the game. In general you should convert your whole mod file system structure for in game usage using this tools including: any 3D assets exported with SCS Blender Tools, any definition files, sound files, map files etc.


  1. Download conversion tools: LINK
  2. To install conversion tools binaries simply extract ZIP package into folder somewhere on the PC where it can be found and read-write access is granted.


There are two options of usage for conversion tools:

  1. Use conversion tools from Blender
  1. Use binaries directly (for advanced users)

Direct usage of conversion tools is done from command line with execution of “conversion_tools/convert.cmd” script.

Running this script will take any mid-format resources founded in “conversion_tools/base” folder, correctly convert them into binary format files and place them into “conversion_tools/rsrc” folder.

NOTE: Usage of “conversion_tools/extra_mount.txt” file with specified additional “base” folder paths in each line of the file may also be used. This will cause conversion tools to mount all of the paths the same as “conversion_tools/base” folder. With extra mounted directories conversion tools will convert all resources from “base” and all additional paths!

After completed conversion all the content in “conversion_tools/rsrc” folder can be ZIP-ed and placed into the mod folder of the game as usual.

NOTE: if something goes wrong during the conversion, you can find additional information in conversion tools log file (“bin/win_x86/mass_convert.log”).